March feature: What does a Development Manager do?

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Sanna Lindkvist, Development Manager at Readly since 2021, Växjö Office


What does a Development Manager do? 

My job is to lead and help teams to build the right things for our customers using the power of technology and efficient processes.   It’s a lot about understanding the business needs, initiating creative processes and solving problems through great teamwork. 

What do you love about your job?

I love to start a new project and pull together the right resources from every corner of the company. Everyone has different perspectives and a tech based project is seldom a straight path. But the accomplishment when releasing new things to our customers is so rewarding. It could revolve around developing something completely new, or making improvements or managing technical debt. 

What characteristics should a Development Manager have? Understanding of the business and the customer, and also have a great interest in what technology can achieve. My job is constant learning and you need to adapt how you work depending on the product life cycle, technology shift and size of the organisation.

What do you think companies can do to encourage more women to choose careers in tech?

I believe that diversity starts from the top and that companies should strive for a gender balanced setup of leaders. That’s how you pave the way for a more diverse and equal recruitment. For the tech industries that’s not always easy. There are too few female developers , but in my experience there are many other roles and competences within a development team where women are well represented. So that should not be a hindrance for innovation that meets any need, regardless of gender. Tech development should be organised by cross competencies - a mix of people, not only from the tech team, but from the whole organisation.

What made you come to Readly?

I was looking for a software company that builds and distributes their own digital product. I have been following Readly since the beginning and I really like the product myself which is very important for me. The fact that we develop and distribute the Readly product on several tech platforms web, iOS, Android, really excites me. It was a perfect match when I also found out that we have a “Tech Hub” in Växjö.

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